Blueberry Smoothie

Total Time
2 mins
2 mins


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  1. Place all ingredints in blender an pluse until smooth.
  2. Smoothie will be very thick.
  3. If you like sweeter smoothies add 1-3 tbls. of honey.
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Absolutely delicious! I used peach yogurt and soy milk, so I didn't really need extra sweetener. Can't wait to try this with some other flavors!

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This smoothie has a wonderful taste. I love the addition of the peaches. I used low-fat banana/strawberry yogurt because that is what I had on hand. The frozen blueberries makes it nice and thick and really cold! My husband wanted it a little more sweet, so next time I will follow your suggestion of adding some honey. Thanks for posting this yummy recipe, Lacy!

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This is really wonderful treat! I added honey to make it sweeter and used a little bit more milk to make it a tad less thick. There was enough for two small servings and my hubby and I enjoyed it for quick and delicious breakfast. I will make it again. Thank you Lacy!