Blue Cheese Coleslaw Salad

Total Time
24hrs 45mins
45 mins
24 hrs

You won't be sorry if you try this great coleslaw variation from FoodNation w/Bobby Flay courtesy of the Pillars Restaurant. I usually give new recipes a "trial run", but served this the 1st time at a dinner party because I wanted something that would be better made a day ahead. The original recipe served 30, but I amended it slightly & reduced the quantities to be more family & small dinner party friendly. I added the blue cheese just before serving & everyone loved it!

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  1. Combine the 1st 8 ingredients at one time & mix well.
  2. Prepare ea veggie ingredient & add, mixing well after ea new addition to ensure even distribution.
  3. Refrigerate overnight & add blue cheese, mixing well just before serving.
  4. Note: For a more asthetic presentation, I topped it off w/the crumbled bacon & diced sun-dried tomato.